21st Century wagon kit takes shape

This impressive kit represents the GWR 'Pollen C' girder wagon set (also known as boiler wagons). Produced for Hazelwood Models by Shapeways, the twin-set is rendered as single-piece plastic units, printed in three dimensional form using the latest 3D 'printing' technology. A separate sprue is provided that includes the load bolster/turntable and a set of shackle loops. 

Things have been moving rapidly in this medium in the past few years, with constantly developing design, materials and processes meaning that there are some fabulous products out there. 

As will be demonstrated in Model Rail issue 193 (out 13 Feb), some careful preparation is all that's required to achieve an impressive OO gauge model. For more info about the kit and Hazelwood models, see: www.shapeways.com/shops/hazelwoodmodelshop


  1. Not a fan of the usual quality of 3D printing, but they look very good . However, the Shapeways shop says not for sale by Hazelwood Models and gives no price. Seems a bit pointless then?

  2. This has been the best 3D printed wagon I've built so far, although I hear that the kit has been further improved since I received the sample. Apparently, it's now available via Ebay although I couldn't find it listed. Best to email Hazelwood Models direct: hazelwoodmodels@hotmail.com
    Incidentally, I also have an interesting wagon kit from Wild Boar Models to build, which looks equally good.

  3. With apologies.
    New eBay listings for the model will appear in February.

  4. Is your wagon made out of plastic filaments, an ABS or PLA? Anyways, have you ever used this kind of material: http://www.3d2print.net/shop/3d-printer-filament/elastic-filament/? I’ve tried 3D printing with this in my mid-size armor van and mini-cars’ wheel tyres.

  5. Hi George,
    The Pollen wagon kit was produced in FUD (Frosted Ultra Detail). I haven't tried any 3D printing myself yet, but the rubber-like filament you mention is interesting. Thanks for the tip off.


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