I've been looking forward to getting my mitts on a new Bachmann Class 40 since a revamped OO gauge model was announced a couple of years ago. I liked the original version, mind you, and have four of them in my 1970s/80s BR fleet, albeit with each having been extensively detailed. But, having had a good look over this new model, I doubt I'll be doing much hacking about.

The all-important front end, or 'face' looks bob-on to me, with the windscreens being particularly impressive. The vertical frames are a little over-scale, but you can't expect a plastic model to get everything to scale without it falling apart. There's so much other fine detail to enjoy, with other highlights including the roof fan and grille, deep side grilles and overall quality of finish.

The only disappointment - and it's a minor one - is the shallowness of the bogie detail, especially the axleboxes hornguides. But, some skilful weathering should bring out what detail there is.

What I will be doing to this '40' though, is to give it a nice early 1980s faded blue weathered finish - not too mucky, but careworn and a bit greasy. Just how I remember them. How I wish I could be jogging along the North Wales coast or up the Settle-Carlisle behind one of these whistling monsters....


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