Thursday, 26 November 2009

Lifecolor BR paints: GD's Verdict!

After a couple of weeks of testing, I'm pretty happy with these new acrylic BR paint shades from Lifecolor. As mentioned in a previous post, I helped out a little in the development of these paints, although I never got to trial the shades before production began.

Anyway, the 3 main loco livery elements: BR green, blue and maroon all look accurate to my eye, the blue & green in particular giving excellent results. The maroon takes quite a few thin coats before the correct colour begins to form (it starts off as a bit purple!), but this is natural enough, especially with acrylics. Around 10 or 12 ultra-thin coats, applied when the previous one has set (around 10-15 mins) should do the trick. Don't rush - you'll make a mess!
Rail grey, for Post-1960s blue & grey stock looks fine, too. The two freight shades are ok, but I wonder if the bauxite shade is a bit light; more like the 1970s freight brown... Unfitted grey looks good, however.

Interestingly, the maroon, blue, green and rail grey each dry to a semi-satin sheen, while the freight bauxite and grey offer a much duller finish. Regardless, all of the paints need a few coats of a clear gloss before applying decals, Johnsons Klear floor polish being just the job, adhering well to the Lifecolor paints (better than to some enamels).
Once finished with a sealing matt or satin varnish, the shades look great. I tested mine on an old Hornby Class 37 body and a Lima wagon, both pre-primed in grey (for the blue, green, bauxite and maroon) and white (both greys).

Available now from stockists, including, the paints are packaged in a box of all 6 colours, or seperately.
Definately worth trying for yourself.

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