Comprehensive detailing project gets underway

I've had this impressive detail upgrade kit, for the Hornby Class 90, for nearly two years and have been chomping at the bit to get it fitted. However, delays to the proposed article and plenty of other projects vying for time, have kept putting it back. Now, though, we're definitely running a Class 90 Masterclass in issue 201 of Model Rail, so the model is finally starting to take shape.

The kit, from PH Designs, provides much in the way of replacement detail so I've got my work cut out for the next week or so. The recessed light clusters have been assembled and are about to be slotted into the bodyshell, while new resin valances and bufferbeams have also been trial fitted. There's a lot more work to get through yet, so I'd better get back to the workbench....


  1. Excellent! Been waiting to see this.. Looking forward to seeing more updates.



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