OH MY LORD! (Part 2)

Big Heljan 'Western' gets the weathered treatment

My workbench has been creaking under the weight of this Heljan 'O' gauge 'Western'. It has been a record-breaking weathering job for a friend, who needed it done for a relative's birthday present. Virtually everything was done in a single (albeit very long) evening and, by using Tamiya acrylics, there was little hanging around for the paint to dry. I've employed a few different varnishes to seal the Tamiya paint and fine-tune the overall effect. Gloss was sprayed on the sides and ends and 'light sheen' and 'semi matt' at various points on the roof and underframe - all from the Alclad2 range.

Now all I have to do is wait for the varnish to dry before packing it up and lugging it down to the post office - should be good exercise for the biceps..!


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