Bachmann cement tank weathered and ready for service

Having reviewed the new Bachmann 'Metalair' PCA cement tank a few months back, I've finally got around to weathering it up for eventual use on my current mini layout project. Apart from a small amount of weathering powders, most of the effects were created with an airbrush, using some reference images as a guide as to how the real things look in service - there are certainly plenty of the prototypes working around my locality.

I've also received a pair of detail upgrade kits for both this Bachmann model and the 'depressed centre' Hornby/Lima PCA, from PH Designs, so I'll be trying those out in the next few days - accordingly, I just picked up another Bachy PCA, this one being resplendent in Blue Circle livery.

All nice and shiny, although not for long! This Bachmann PCA is about to receive a set of detailing components from PH Designs - look out for the finished model soon... 


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