A perfect kit for a winter's evening.

First day back at work today, on Friday the 13th no less! Despite the several inches of snow outside the door, I managed to make it to the station and travel the 140-odd miles to the Model Rail office. After an extended festive holiday, spending a couple of weeks redecorating and taking care of an ever-increasing list of household repair jobs, it's a relief to be back at the day job, in a warm office, in clean clothes!

I did manage a little modelling work over the holidays, though, building this super little laser-cut kit from 4Ground Trackside. Taking up a couple of pleasant evenings in front of the fire, the wood and fibreboard parts slot together easily and everything ended up square and true, despite being built after a Scotch or two.

There's no need for painting, save for a little detail work if desired, as the parts are pre-coloured to suit the Great Western Railway or Western Region of British Railways. The roof needs a little finessing, to hide the joins and some extra detail work - inside and out - would set it off nicely. A full review of this 'OO' gauge model will follow in Model Rail magazine soon...


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