Spray booth given a leg-up in the quest for comfort.

I've finally gotten around to doing something I've been meaning to do for the past two years - raise my spray booth up to a more suitable working height. Since moving house in 2015, my workshop was set up in haste and I've slowly been refining the arrangement whenever time permits. But the location of the spray booth had been bugging me for a number of reasons.

Limited by the siting of the extraction duct and lighting, the previous arrangement saw me having to crouch on a stool or kneel on the floor in order to work the airbrush carefully around a subject. I'd lost count of the times I told myself that I need to raise up the booth, for comfort as well as helping improve the quality of my work.

For the sake of an hour or two 's worth of cutting and joining plywood, the difference now is astounding - why did I wait so long?! I've also gained some useful extra storage space beneath.

Note the thermometer fixed to the base of the booth. The ambient temperature has averaged around 2degrees Celcius this past week, so the little heater has been working hard to get the room to a workable temperature before any spraying could commence.


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