'Tugs' and 'Sheds' rest on shed.

Moving into the 21st Century, an array of EWS (and DB) branded traction looks well at home in the depot environs. Indeed, I had the early 2000s in mind when I first built this diorama, although it was built to show off my DRS- and EWS-clad Class 37s more than anything! Note the shabby Class 60s with their faded numbers and lettering, while the Class 66 has had the EWS letters removed and DB stickers applied to the cabsides. 

The trusty old Hornby plastic MPD kit (the building on the left) looks great for the addition of custom-etched window frames from PH Designs, while the Bachmann Scenecraft ready-to-plant shed on the right provides a convincing companion. 


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