In between writing a number of magazine articles, I managed to fit in a little practical work at my desk, repairing a partially melted Bachmann POA wagon, as mentioned HERE. After a bit of cutting and grafting-in of new plastic, the vehicle is now ready to join the rest of my 1980s-era scrap metal wagons. I had to mix my own shade of 'Barclays' blue and the painting and weathering was all done by hand (still no airbrush at home at the moment), although the use of weathering powders has given it a suitably dusty appearance. In fact, it's been good to reconnect with some old school techniques that I haven't used much recently.

The scrap load was formed from chopped up plastic off-cuts from kits and packaging and this was also painted and weathered by hand, with a mix of acrylic paints and dry pigments. A full demo of how the wagon was repaired will appear in Model Rail magazine in due course.


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