CLASS 45, 45114

After working on a couple of 'Peaks' for the BR green era, I remembered that I had a spare blue Class 45 lying around awaiting detailing and weathering. After digging it out from the attic, I realised that I'd pinched the air brake tanks from the chassis for another model.

But hey ho, I can make some replacements from plastic rod at some point, but I have managed to detail the cab fronts, adding wire handrails, new lamp brackets and scribing the missing horizontal seam line.

The yellow ends were then masked and re-sprayed before a little 'dirt' was sprayed with my trusty Iwata airbrush. And much better the model looks, too. Especially as it's the bulled-up version of 45114 with off-white roof and bodyside stripes.


  1. There were two of them done roundabout 1982 (OTTMH the other was 45121 but that would be guessing). Remember seeing them on my East Mids Rover.

    Why were they done? Who can tell but it didn't last long.

    1. Hi Kevin,
      Thanks for the comment and info. I can't imagine the roof stayed clean for very long!


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