Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Swine flu, Birkenhead & a DBS 37

No sooner had I finally entered the 21st Century and gone 'on line' to start this blog, I go and contract a dose of Swine Flu. No fun there, but thank heavens for Tamiflu.

Luckily, I was well enough to make it to the Birkenhead Show last Friday (Oct 30) and what a nice event it was, too. A good mix of layouts and traders in a very pleasant venue. I've only been back to B'head a few times since we left Merseyside in 2003, so it felt strange going back. It seems an age since I was working in Great Western House, on the site of the old Woodside Station and travelling from Wavertree to HAmilton Square every day (6.30am starts - what a drag).

The Docks have certainly changed since then, with lots of new commercial developments, although the older conversions, especially the old Cheshire Lines Goods Station, now stand empty, presumably as businesses chase lower rates in brand new accomodation?

Anyway, I helped out on Chris Leigh's Herculaneum Dock layout diorama and was meant to repeat the trick on the Saturday until a broken rail terminated my journey at Warrington Central. The old goods yard was chock-full of turned-back East Midlands and First Transpennine units, looking like a full size fiddle yard!

Now back at the grind for Model Rail following my sickie, I'm taking the chance to finish some long-standing projects that seem to have been put to one side to work on more pressing features for the mag. First to be signed off is a DB Schenker Class 37, as 37419. Look out for a full demo on detailing and repainting in Model Rail in the coming months.

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