My second stab at recreating Class 44 'Peak' D10 - with the US-style bodyside grilles - is finally complete and the model has been packed off to its new owner. It's not often that I get to produce two models of the same prototype, albeit a decade apart in terms of details and livery. Keeping the green D10 spotless also made for an interesting comparison with my more careworn blue version. Furthermore, it was nice to be able to fit a set of 'Tryfan' nameplates to the green loco, as they'd been removed by the time of my portrayal of 44010.

By the way, has anyone noticed how it's impossible to fit an open headcode disc to the upper position on the Bachmann '44', as the chunky moulded lamp bracket gets in the way...

After the conversion work and a full repaint, decals and etched nameplates from Fox Transfers were applied.


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