As has been mentioned previously, last year I was enlisted to help with the development of Lifecolor's range of BR livery paints. The modest range of acrylics have proved popular since their release, so much so that modellers have been requesting other colours to broaden the choice available. Choosing just six initial shades was difficult and I think we covered the most popular, save for a representation of warning panel yellow.

However, Alex at The Airbrush Company recently sent me a large box of various shades of yellow from the substantial, existing range of Lifecolor paints, to see if there was a close match for the BR yellow. After much testing, the best of the bunch was UA811/RAL1007 which looks very much like the 1983-1993 shade of warning panel yellow.

The photo above compares it to the Railmatch enamel offering (my usual standard choice). Not a 100% perfect match but, with a tiny drop or two of white mixed in, the Lifecolor paint looks even better. I like to keep to the same formula of paints during any project (save for undercoats and varnishes), so being able to stay with Lifecolor paints throughout my next BR blue or green repaint will be welcome. See The Airbrush Company's website for more details.

Worth checking out: Lifecolor's range of BR livery acrylic paints.


  1. George, I would like to have a go with these paints, what do you use to thin them for an airbrush (if at all)?

    Cant find an email to post to so hope you dont mind the Comment!


  2. Hi Ian,
    All comments/questions are welcome!!!

    I use Lifecolor's own brand of acrylic thinners, also available from The Airbrush Co. Although the paints are already fairly thin, you will need to dilute them further before spraying.

    Best wishes,

  3. Hello George,

    I tried the BR livery pack after seeing them on sale at Warley last year. You may remember that I came and asked you about it on the Model Rail stand, as they had your name on the front!! I found them just as accurate as any other brand, if not better and the BR blue is especially good - Glad there's a yellow too, as the box was missing this colour. I'd prefer an older 1970s shade, though - I model the post-steam 1969-1975 period.
    You could have dropped one of the wagon colours to include a yellow in the 6pack box, or the maroon.
    I love your Tyne Dock wagon from a few weeks ago - looks like a hard kit to build!

    Cheers, Angus


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