Thursday, 4 August 2011

Powering a Park Royal Railbus

Just been running-in my latest project for Model Rail - a Dapol Park Royal railbus kit, mounted on a fantastic ready-to-run 'BullAnt' chassis from the Hollywood Foundry. The high specification motor and chassis is fully assembled and ready for service, with just the mounting to the model's floor necessary, via a few minor, but specific, modifications.

The ancient Dapol kit (originally a 1960s Airfix kit) still creates a good model, being impressively accurate as far as dimensions and outline are concerned. However, the age of the moulds and the basic nature of the kit (it's basically an empty shell), means that yo need to put in a good bit of extra detailing work to achieve a realistic recreation of one of these charming little railbuses. Especially if it's to sit well alongside one of Heljan's forthcoming ready-to-run AC Cars and Waggon und Maschinenbau vehicles.

With the chassis fitted and some weight added to the bodyshell, the 'bus' has been cruising along on my rolling road for the past few hours to bed in the cardan shaft gears (although they barley needed this as the unit is exquisitely constructed. The main drive is delivered via a belt drive which offers superb performance and it's remarkably quiet.

Look out for a full demo on how to fit this power unit, plus a more detailed assessment of performance in Model Rail issue 161, out on 8 September...


  1. Hi George, about 12 years ago whilst in RN service, I used a Dave Alexander chassis kit to motorise the Park royal, motor not visible and a Branchlines interior. It has lots of lead in the roof.

  2. Today 2015-08-02 I saw a beautiful Heljan model - on sale for a mere £100.