Finely graded power station coal in this Hornby HAA looks just like the real thing.

Since the latest issue of Model Rail hit the shelves, I've had quite a few emails expressing interest in the Geoscenics wagon load kits that we're offering as a free gift to new subscribers. These are excellent kits that add an unbelievable degree of realism to RTR and kit-built rolling stock. Containing coal, ballast/stone and iron ore, about 10 wagons can be filled with each commodity and sheets of high grade card are supplied to form false floors for the chipped material to sit on.

A full demo of how to use the kits appears in the latest Model Rail (issue 162). Remember that natural materials are used to represent their miniature equivalents (or as near as possible), so their realism is virtually unmatched. The dust of each set of chippings is also an excellent source of weathering powder. Kits can also be ordered direct from Geoscenics.

The real coal chippings have that authentic 'oily yet dusty' appearance.

The red-tinged stone chippings are a dead ringer for iron ore - just the thing for a rake of Bachmann and Hornby tipplers and hoppers.


  1. What's the difference in the colour of the frame signify George under the body on the HAA?

  2. Hi, Thanks for the comment. The HAA hopper frames changed colour to suit the prevailing Railfreight livery. When new, they were a red-brown, then bright red was applied in the early 1980s, followed by the yellow in the mid-80s when the sub-sector Railfreight scheme appeared on locos and freight stock.


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