After flopping onto the sofa after a quiet Sunday enlivened by a burst central heating pipe and attendant flooding, I've been endeavouring to 'chill out' by pottering amongst my upcoming modelling projects. Thinking of better ways to spend my weekends than on emergency plumbing repairs, I finally got around to unpacking this delightful little 'Pannier tank' from Bachmann.

I've promised to detail and weather this model for my colleague Nick Brodrick, who writes for Steam Railway magazine. Having picked up the model while I was in Peterborough last week, I hadn't had a chance to take it out of its box until today. Nick's a big fan of these 'choo-choos' and I have to admit that the lined red livery is a real treat on the eyes; Bachmann have done a grand job on the model's finish.

To help me in the project, Nick's lent me a copy of Red Panniers: Last Steam on the Underground - a fabulous book and superb reference with plenty of colour images. Copies are available from Transport Diversions. With a good many of these ex-GWR 0-6-0Ts entering private ownership towards the end of BR steam, I'm wondering if one would do for my NCB colliery layout. Indeed, the LT red is a close match to that on my other industrial steam engines; all i'd need to do would be to remove the LT lettering and substitute the Coal Board's logo. I wonder if Nick would notice...?


  1. Are you going to make it nice and dirty like 7739? George.

  2. Yep, that's the brief I've been given - to make it nice and mucky! The images in the Red Panniers book show the locos with a real covering of soot and ash (not surprising as they spent lots of time in tunnels), but with the sides polished up with oily rags. So it should be an interesting project to get that effect.
    Thanks for the comment!

  3. There a great model, even if there not technically accurate, but who cares when it looks that good. I belive L89 is the Keighley and worth valley railways pannier.


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