In the same bag of review samples as the 'OO9' rolling stock kits (from York Modelmaking) was a selection of laser-cut roof tiles and slates. After trialling them on a previously-built Metcalfe card signal box, I was so taken by the improved appearance that I've experimented by cladding the walls with embossed Plastikard to see how the model will look. The extra relief has already bumped this structure up a few notches in the realism stakes, and it'll be interesting to see how it looks after painting and finishing.


  1. I had the same idea with Metcalfe's coal stage, but joining two kits together to make one coal stage with two openings for coal to be loaded into loco tenders or tank bunkers and making the walls higher to accommodate a large water tank on top, GWR style. I thought I would need to clad it in Will's plasticard to cover the joint between the two kits, and give it more realism.


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