In a brief flurry of expenditure, I picked up a handful of new wagons over the weekend, most of which are private owner minerals for my colliery layout project. From both Hornby and Bachmann stables, they’ve been chosen for their South Wales markings: Consolidated Fisheries of Swansea (Hornby) and James & Emanuel of Newport and Cardiff (Bachmann) are perfect for my location, whilst the Bullcroft Main wagon (Hornby) was chosen purely because I love the big bovine logo!
The Bachmann model just needs a set of scale couplings, but the Hornby counterparts will be mounted on new plastic chassis kits from Parkside Dundas. All will be weathered and re-branded into National Coal Board ownership, although their original markings will still be visible.
With countless BR designs of minerals already in traffic at Maudetown, I’ve been working to inject a bit of variety with some ex-Private Owner designs. Coal wagons are amongst my favourite rolling stock so it’s really no chore. In fact, I’m doing this as a form of relaxation...

What the new wagons will soon look like: this Hornby 21t mineral bodyshell now sits on a Parkside chassis and the original AAC Anthracite livery is still visible beneath the dirt and NCB branding.


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