Following the post in early March, regarding the C-Rail PFA container flat and container, the wagon has now entered service on my wee 'N' gauge layout. A load of fine coal chippings has been added to the container, using Geoscenics' 'Coal 600' pack, which looks ideal. A bit of weathering and the fitting of the standard Farish Rapido couplings (also supplied in the C-Rail kit) finished the job off.

I also fished out another C-Rail kit of the MoD KFA flat, with its distinctive red container, that I built for review in Model Rail a couple of years ago (see MR148 Sept 2010) and the two wagons sit well together. Mind you, I doubt they ever ran together in real life. The KFA chassis is made up of cast whitemetal parts, which gives it a fair amount of bulk, whereas the PFA is built-up from plastic components, so adding weight in the container is essential. Both run smoothly and reliably and add a bit of interest to my small array of modern freight stock. As I said in that previous posting, I do need a Farish Class 37 to haul the PFA, so I'm starting to save up my pennies...


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