Model Rail 168 is on sale this week, containing a few interesting articles, along with up-to-the-minute news and reviews. As mentioned here a few weeks ago, I was asked to come up with something out of the ordinary using the new Hornby LNER 'B1' 4-6-0. Richard mentioned that a fleet of these locos survived the cull to work in the Departmental sector for a few years and, after a trawl of images, I decided upon No.30 - a loco that served at Barrow Hill for a time.

So, grab a copy of MR168 for the full, fascinating story of these Departmental 4-6-0s, as well as a full demonstration of how I recreated my 'OO' version. Other highlights include a look at DCC sound in 'N' gauge (a great alternative to loco-fitted speakers), detailing and weathering an EWS Class 47, how to build a level crossing and non-wooden baseboards. There are also some great layouts, including a look at a certain Mr Waterman's epic recreation of Leamington Spa in the BR blue period, with some exquisite photos by Chris Nevard.


  1. Model Rail magazine has a lot to answer for sometimes. Pete Waterman's O gauge diesels feature is keeping the fires in me stoked to try my hand at another O gauge loco weathering job like the one I did on a Club members Hymek last year using a feature in Model Rail as a reference. If only I had the time, space and money for O gauge!


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