Not a lot of modelling got done over the weekend as much of it was spent at a friend's birthday bash in central London. However, I did get a chance to finally cast my eyes over the revamped St. Pancras station interior for the first time. Is it me or is it a load of cobblers...?
Maybe I'm just getting old, but it just looks like a shopping mall. But maybe that was the point. At least I've got my memories of how things used to be: a dark, atmospheric interior, reeking of diesel fumes, that thrummed to the sound of Peaks, Bed-Pan DMUs and HSTs.

On a less grumbly note, I put the finishing touches to an 'O' gauge SR Banana van last night, built from a Parkside Dundas kit. I've put a lot of effort into the airbrushed weathering of this wagon, keeping my hand in (so to speak) with larger scale techniques. In contrast, I've also got a few 'N' coal wagons to finish and weather next, which will help exercise those muscles around my eyeballs...


  1. Hi George - got a couple of quick questions if I may?! I am attempting to finish of my class 25 and want to seal it with satin cote. Can this be air brushed directly or does it need thinning?? Also I am planning on using decalfix - any tips for using this? Will the surface still need to be gloss finished for the transfers or will the decalfix be sufficient?? Any help or tips would be appreciated!

  2. Hi Chris,
    I saw your progress on the Cl25 - the faded blue looks really effective. Humbrol's Satin Cote does need thinning before airbrushing, Humbrol's own Enamel THinners being the perfect medium. Give the Satin Cote a darned good stir first, though, as it's notorious for settling at the bottom of the jar.
    You'll still need a gloss coat before the transfers, though (Gloss Cote is OK for this) - the Decalfix will help them stick, but the clear carrier film will show up unless the surface is glossy.
    So, I'd recommend the gloss coats first - build up about half a dozen light coats until it's really shiny, allowing each layer to 'go off' for a few minutes in between to avoid runs. Leave for a day or two, add the transfers, leave overnight and spray the Satin Cote (again, a number of light coats is recommended). Leave another few days for it all to harden completely.
    Good luck!


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