Dinky little PFA kit completed.

As mentioned a few weeks back, I've been building an 'N' gauge PFA and coal container kit from C-Rail Intermodal. Well, it's almost finished and has just received a load of fine grade coal chippings, from the Geoscenics wagon fill kits featured in Model Rail 162. Once the glue has set, the final weathering can take place.

As only an occasional dabbler in 2mm scale, I've enjoyed building this kit, although it's excellent design and small number of parts helped enormously. The transfers, also from C-Rail, went on brilliantly and needed just a little help from Micro Sol softening solution to cope with the corrugated container. The correct yellow paint is also offered by C-Rail - a true one-stop solution! Now I just need to build a few more and get myself a triple-grey Class 37 for an authentic 1990s-era coal train on the S&C!


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