Weathering demo subjects cleaned and packed away for next classes

I've not long finished teaching another set of courses on airbrushing and weathering down on the South Coast and am just getting around to sorting out my boxes of materials and model samples, ready for the next series of classes in March 2015. Before sealing the crates, I thought I'd grab a few images of two of the locos that have been treated in previous classes and which I use to illustrate the possibilities of certain materials and techniques.

The Bachmann Class 25 has been demonstrated on a number of times, with quite a range of paints and washes and, despite being knocked about a bit still looks presentable. The green livery has been given a range of high- and low-lights using different shades of BR green to give something of a washed-out look beneath the layers of grime.

The old Hornby GWR 0-6-0T has also been employed on many occasions over the past few years, again with a variety of materials and techniques visited upon it, including textured acrylics, T-Cut and mechanised buffing! The last thing I did to it was spray areas with gloss varnish to soften some of the dirt deposits and give it more of an oily sheen, especially on the tanks and dome (the Class 25 was treated in a similar way). For a fairly basic model, it now looks a bit more lifelike.

I believe that my courses for March are all but booked-up, but I'm hoping to set some more dates for autumn 2015. Check The Airbrush Co. website for more details.

I really ought to finish both models off at some point and add them to my traction fleets....


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