Bachmann and Hornby models completed

Bachmann's PCA is a lovely model straight from the box, but the new ladders, walkways and brake discs - plus the weathered finish - take it to a new level of realism.

Last month, I trialled a couple of new detailing kits for the Bachmann and Hornby (ex-Lima) PCA cement tank wagons. After a hiatus of a few weeks, I've just finished painting the new parts and weathering the wagons, adding to my growing fleet of modern cement carriers. The new etched parts (from PH Designs) looked great to begin with but they now look even better, thanks to the weathered finish.

I used Tamiya acrylics, sprayed through a new airbrush I've been testing - a Harder & Steenbeck Infinity CR+ 2in1. This tool comes with a choice of nozzles/needles, a 0.4mm set for general work and a 0.15mm set for ultra-fine work. You can see the benefits of the finer needle with some of the hairline streaks of cement dirt down the sides of the tank barrels. Some MIG weathering powders and fixative were also applied to add some extra texture.
Quite an old model now, in some respects, the Hornby PCA benefits greatly from new buffers (Dart Castings) and the PH Designs upgrade kit.


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