Sneaky peak at detailed Hornby '90'

A few quick snaps of the Hornby Class 90 as it awaits some final touches prior to painting and finishing. Outstanding items include lamp brackets, TDM cables and pantograph (a delicate resin kit). The difference from the rather basic donor model is already incredible and the installation of the PH Designs upgrade kit is proving to be great fun. I've also fitted a set of Ultrascale wheels for extra refinement.

I'm looking forward to getting the loco finished and painted up into DRS blue livery. Look out for the full detailing demo and Masterclass article in issue 201 of Model Rail magazine, while the painting will be covered in MR202...


  1. where did you get the buffers from

    1. An old set of A1 Models buffers I think. Not sure they're still available.


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