Brass kit complete and in service.

After a couple of weeks of on-off work, the PH Designs Network Rail Track Inspection Coach is now ready for action. What an enjoyable project this turned out to be, and I was lucky to have most of the extra bits and pieces needed to finish the kit already in stock. I did struggle to find any off-the-shelf roof vents of the correct plain dome pattern, so I turned my own, using whitemetal BR shell vents as the basis, re-profiling them while mounted in a mini drill. 

As will be demonstrated in the next issue of Model Rail (MR227), the 4mm scale kit went together very well, with the parts very well thought out, complete with slots and tabs to aid location in most instances. The kit is also available in 7mm scale.

With thanks to Peter at PH Designs for the kit, and Steve at Railtec for the transfers.


  1. George

    Excellent looking model - given the large windows & ends any thoughts on interiors to complete?


    1. Hi Pete. Haven't found any info on the interior yet, so I'll need to do a bit of digging when I get some spare time. When that'll be, who knows!


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