Hornby 0-4-0ST finished and ready for work.

As mentioned previously, some quick detail upgrades were recently visited upon this humble L&Y 'Pug' as a prelude to a weathering job. The loco is now complete and ready to start work shunting the sidings of Maudetown Colliery. The weathering consisted of hand-applied Lifecolor acrylic paints and powders - no airbrush work at all. And it took me about two hours, making three hours in all for the detailing and finishing. Not bad!

There's much more I could've done, especially replacing those huge moulded lubricator reservoirs on the front of the smokebox, and I'd like to upgrade the wheels at some point. But I'll make do for now.

I wonder what's in the bucket?! 


  1. As its now in coal board use I wonder if fitting wooded cab weatherboards in the cab sides would in fact look better, and be more in keeping with a local modification?
    Thinning down the connecting and coupling rods is worth a it of extra effort, and the chassis keeper plate can be improved by carving away the longitudal ribs that run along the bottom to allow a bit more daylight under the frames.
    The bucket's probably full of sand!

  2. I ought to have looked more deeply.
    It is a remarkable transformation you have done and so understated.
    Again truly inspiring!!

    1. Hi Christopher,
      Many thanks for the kind words - glad you enjoyed reading the blog posts.


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