Just Like The Real Thing kit almost complete.

Here's a quick peek at progress on the 7mm scale JLTRT kit of an ex-War Department 'Rectank'. A set of scratch-built wooden bolsters has been installed and a load of 'steel' section created from Evergreen styrene. The excellent Railtec transfers have just been applied and, once they're dry and sealed with varnish, I can finish the weathering job and secure the load with miniature chain. 

As mentioned previously, this is a superb kit and I'm almost sorry that it's nearly complete - I haven't enjoyed building a wagon kit so much in ages! Look out for the article in Model Rail magazineissue 226, on the shelves in the UK on 25 August... 
Railtec offers 7mm scale transfer packs for ex-LMS, LNER, GWR and SR Rectanks (packs 7200-7203). Being a loyal Midland Region modeller, I opted for the LMS pack.


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