Friday, 9 July 2010

Books Old & New

I've had a week's holiday this week, catching up on domestic chores, decorating, allotmenting, servicing my car and also trying to fit in some work on my next book project. Oh, and it was my birthday too, so I also managed to squeeze in a trip to East Yorkshire to visit our favourite antique dealer in Pocklington. We used to live near 'Pock', so it was nice to have a look around, for old time's sake. Bought an Edwardian chamber pot cupboard, which should come in useful...

Anyway, I've been reading an interesting little book this week, titled The Case For Railway Nationalisation, by Emil Davies. Written just before the start of World War One, it's a fascinating treatise on how poorly, in his opinion, Britain's railway companies were operated. There's also a damning look into how the companies treated their staff. It's obviously a passionate subject for the erstwhile Mr Davies. One can only wonder what he'd make of today's privatised railway...

On the subject of writing books, my third volume for The Crowood Press is progressing slowly but surely, although Maude has been staging a lie-down protest on my computer at regular intervals. I hope it's not my manuscript that is sending her to sleep..?

She did take more of an interest in the script for the next Model Rail DVD, however. This is what I spent much of last week working on and little Maude made some important interventions to a number of sections. Where would I be without my own deputy editor?

Anyway, off to DRS Gresty Bridge first thing in the morning, then back at work proper on Monday morning. Got lots of stuff to get through in the nest couple of weeks, before press on 29th. Although I've enjoyed the break (of sorts), I've missed doing any modelling work, which is a good sign!

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  1. Maude seems seems to be quite a content moggy ! That second picture is a cracker.

    Not sure what's in the first picture though as its only showing a band at the top the rest is a white square ?? Or is it meant to be a teaser ?