Get a perfect finish on your models by learning how to get the best from your airbrush on April 7th 2011.

I'm pleased to announce that, in conjunction with The Airbrush Company, I’ll be taking two one-day courses in the art of airbrush painting and weathering for railway modellers.

Day One features 'General Airbrushing for Railway Modellers', with an in-depth, practical look at how airbrushes can bring a heightened realism to your finishing work. There will also be demonstrations of air supplies, mixing and thinning paints and various airbrushing techniques.

Learn how to create a polished but lived-in finish such as this in the 'Weathering Techniques for Railway Modellers' day class on April 8th 2011

I'll be showing how I create a distressed and layered weathered finish to my models...

'Weathering Techniques for Railway Modellers' is the subject of Day Two, with a hands-on study of how to create ultra-realistic models using an airbrush. Tools, paints and materials are covered, along with a range of special techniques such as distressing and buffing paintwork to create anything from a light misting of track dirt to a heavy coating of filth! Rolling stock, buildings and scenery will be covered.

Whether you're a relative novice or more experienced modeller, each course will offer something for you.

Please note that both courses are not designed for the absolute beginner: The Airbrush Company already offer some great classes for the novice. Rather, both days will build on a general understanding and basic practical knowledge of how to use an airbrush.

The courses run on April 7th and 8th 2011 and are based at The Airbrush Company's premises in Lancing, West Sussex. Running from 10am to 5pm, students will have access to a wide range of high quality airbrushes, paints and equipment. A maximum of 8 places are available for each day, so book early to avoid disappointment!

Prices are £95 per person for each day (inc.VAT) and refreshments are provided.
Call Lisa Munro on 01903 767800 for more details, or go to
Alternatively, click on the following links for more information:

Maybe see you there!


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