Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Network Rail Class950/150 DMU finished

AT LAST!!! The NR conversion is complete and the model has been 'photted' for Model Rail with a couple of days to spare. I really must get back to my usual level of organisation and not be rushing - it's bad for one's blood pressure! Anyway, here's a few sneak peaks at the completed model and the whole project will be demonstrated in detail in the next issue of MR, No.150 in fact - quite a landmark. In fact, we're producing a special issue in honour of a century-and-a-half issues since Chris Leigh masterminded the original launch way back in the day.

The degree to which the sides must be altered can be appreciated in this view.

Just a breath of dirt from the exhaust stacks (plus the scratchbuilt generator outlets on the roof) and a tiny splattering of track dirt on the underframes are the only traces of weathering added to the 150/950 unit. Everytime I've seen the real thing, it's been virtually spotless.

The little cameras on the ends are a vital addition and are part of the comprehensive conversion kit from PH Designs. See http://www.phd-design.co.uk for more info, or look out for a copy of MR150... Out soon!

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  1. Stunning George - you've surpassed yourself with this one!