Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Depot gets a DRS theme

I posed a few locos on my depot diorama/layout yesterday, ostensibly to take a few portrait photos of a few newly finished DRS machines, so here is a few left-overs... It's a bit out of sync in terms of period accuracy - the eagle eyed may notice a DRS-branded 87022 lurking inside the shed - but it was intended to get a feel for how the layout will look with a matching set of post-privatised locomotives.

The layout is about to be re-worked a little with a new backscene having arrived from Gaugemaster, along with another chimney. I've also got a matching chimney to assemble for the large warehouse that will complete the masking of the exit/entrance siding. I'm considering replacing some of the shorter low relief buildings too, to add some extra height....

Hopefully, most of these modifications will be in place in time for the Warley show where it's planned to be on the Model Rail stand.

Two pairs of 20, 47s, a 66 and an 87 lie-over at XXXXXX MPD.... The Xs mean that I've yet to christen the layout! 

This view gives an idea of the compact nature of this self-contained layout. The large warehouse hides the entry/exit siding.

The Peco turntable, as featured in Model Rail No.148, is at the centre of operation. Here, a heavily modified Lima 47 is being turned.

A Model Rail limited Edition Vi-Trains 47501 sits beside a modified Bachmann 20 (a conversion from a few years ago, done for my diesel detailing book). I've since converted another 20, with a third currently in the paint shop.

Yes, that is an 87 hiding in the shed, along with another Class 20/3.

The DRS 'shed', as featured in the previous blog post, sits on the fueling road.

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