Saturday, 10 December 2011


Ian Kirk kit finished and loaded

As mentioned previously, I’ve been building an Ian Kirk LMS bolster wagon kit to form part of an upcoming Model Rail feature on timber traffic. The kit had been lying around in the attic for the best part of 10 years, so it’s nice to see it finished and ready for service. It was a pleasure to build and, despite the parts needing quite a bit of cleaning up before assembly, they eventually went together easily. The fine underframe is particularly impressive, enhanced by the lovely spoked wheels (supplied with the kit).

I put in a bit of time on the timber decking, using a handy set of Lifecolor acrylic 'Weathered Wood' shades to build up a convincing wood-like appearance and the painted and weathered ‘log’ load – from Ten Commandments tops it off nicely. The chains, cast into the plaster load, just marry up with the bolsters, although I still need to finish these off with some extra chain and hoops. As it is, the logs are tied together, but not actually to the wagon itself!

Anyway, in the Model Rail feature, I’ll show how I achieved the painted finish on the logs, as well as how to fill the Hornby OTA and a few other wagons with timber loads. Look out for it in MR166, out on 26th January.

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