It seems appropriate - what with today's heavy snowfall - that Maudetown's new 'De-Icing Unit' has seen it's first runout. Consisting of a detailed and repainted 'HO' Lima track cleaning tank wagon, plus a van and guards van, this short train is designed to maintain the rails in the valley leading up to the Colliery. The Lima wagon has received new wheels, bufferbeam and buffers (to suit 'OO' stock) plus finer break gear, ladders and walkways. A repaint into departmental yellow, complete with Hazchem warnings (from a Fox Transfers pack designed for Merseyrail de-icing units) completed the job.

I just need to reassemble the cleaning pad that sits between the axles and the train can start earning its keep. The great thing about this Lima wagon is that the pad simply clips into the underframe - so it's easy to run the vehicle in cleaning mode or as an ordinary wagon.

This short de-icing train will add a bit of colour to the drab colliery setting.


  1. I particularly like the last photo. With the super paint finish, you've managed to convey something of the weight and paradoxically, the delicacy of the locomotive and consist. I can almost imagine this trundling down the Doon Valley to Waterside in the seventies!


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