OBA 110332 is a Bachmann OO model, originally in EWS colours but now wearing a multitude of shades due to ad hoc repairs. There are still plenty of the real things around, albeit in a universally scruffy condition!

BR's air-braked freight stock from the 1970/80s is a real favourite of mine, with my collection boasting quite a few OAAs, OBAs, VAAs and plenty of other similar wagons in various shades of bauxite, red and grey. However, as I also model EWS freight trains from the early 2000s, I've had a small stock of red and gold liveried wagons hanging around awaiting weathering.

Happily, the chance to titivate these wagons arose while filming our latest Model Rail/Telerail DVD project (more info on this will follow soon), and I was aiming to portray the OBA in typical later life condition, with replacement planks and repairs creating a patchwork of colours and a general air of neglect. With a mix of Lifecolor acrylic paints and weathering powders, the overall effect is pleasing, with both the exterior and interior being treated to the same level of attention. Indeed, creating the look of weathered, bare wood on the inside was a challenge, covering the factory-applied grey paint.

After a couple of days of hectic filming, I've been putting the final touches to some of the models in readiness for photography for the DVD cover. I also need to get on and write the script for the programme..... no rest for the wicked, eh?!

110348 also wears its coat of many colours with pride, working in EWS-operated civil engineers traffic.


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