New 'Magnetic Mates' clamps make building easier

I'm currently mid-way through building a great new card kit from Smart Models and it's given me the chance to try out some innovative magnetic clamps from York Modelmaking. Supplied in pairs, they're fab for keeping right-angled corners firmly together without damaging the soft card surface. Indeed, the magnetic power is good for working on anything up to a few millimetres thick, including wood and plastic. They're also good for metal, too.

Talking of buildings, I've also assembled this laser-cut wood kit of a barn, produced by Miniscenes. Again, the York MM magnetic clamps worked a treat, keeping the corners firmly together while the PVA glue cured overnight. I really like the rotten doors and the random stone relief, and I'm looking forward to painting and weathering it.

For more on the signal box kit and the clamps, see Model Rail magazine, issue 187 - out on 5th September.


  1. Hi George

    Looking forward to reading your final review of the rural barn. Could you please note that Miniscene Models now trades as Ancorton Models. Thanks, Pete Kitchin, Ancorton Models.

    1. Thanks, Pete - Will do.
      I've just had a look at the Ancorton Models website and there's some great stuff on there!
      All best wishes,


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