A DB van for use in Britain and on the Continent

New from Golden Valley Models, is this great ex-Deutsche Bahn ferry van taken over by the British Army for the transit of stores between depots in the UK and West Germany, in the late 1940s/1950s period. Based on a Rivarossi 'HO' model, it's a lovely model with plenty of detail and authentic War Department markings, along with chalked destination markings for locations such as Longmoor, Marchwood, Dunkerque and Berlin.

It's ideal for anyone who likes to include some military traffic on their early BR layouts, perhaps in convoy with a rake of Warflats or Warwells. Look out for a full review in Model Rail in the near future.


  1. George

    This is a nice model, but a complete misrepresentation of reality. The model is based on a standard DB covered van which was out-of-gauge for movements to and from Britain via the train ferry. Such a vehicle could never have moved to any UK British Army destination. For that, a ferry wagon, such as that modelled by Liliput would be needed. A ferry wagon would carry the anchor marking to show that it was suitable for movements to and from Britain.

    The British Army did use DB vans for movements between bases in Germany, but that of course is subject for the continental modeller rather than for the Bristish enthusiast.

    Chris Thomas

  2. George, you are a busy chap but would you please give some thought to leading the way on modelling a correct Interfrigo wagon?


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