Just arrived in the Dent Workshop is a Hornby 72xx 2-8-2T, having been assessed for the Review pages in Model Rail magazine (see MR 186 - out 8 August). I've been casting my eye over it to see which areas can be improved in terms of detail and ruminating over how to apply a suitable weathering job.

A couple of tasks immediately present themselves: fit a new smokebox door handle, add coal and footplate crew. There's also a distinct bow in the long footplate moulding to correct, with the front section particularly badly affected. The metal chassis block has such a tiny front bracket, only 1/8in wide, upon which the running plate rests and it could do with an extra bolt to stop the plastic flexing upwards, screwed up into the bell-shaped cover beneath the smokebox perhaps.

Whatever I end up doing, this should be good fun and I'm looking forward to seeing the loco in a typical work-stained condition for these powerful freight movers. Look out for my demo in MR issue 187 (out 5 September).


  1. Hi George

    I would like to add a Churchward 1361 class saddle tank to my 00 gauge GWR collection, I have had no luck in bidding for a number of the K's kits when they have popped up on an auction site. Is there, or has there ever been an rtr saddle tank that could be converted to a 1361?, any advise would be greatly appreciated.

    Best regards

    Kevin Gascoigne

    1. Hi Kevin,
      GWR locos aren't my field of expertise, but I've asked my Model Rail colleagues and they've told me that there isn't any existing (or previous) RTR loco - of British outline - close enough for an effective conversion project. Nu-Cast also did a kit of the 1361, but I gather that these are no longer available either as Nu-Cast is now no more.
      THe K's kits are high in demand because they're still pretty good, despite their age!

  2. Many thanks George, looks like I will have to stay up all night next time I am able to bid on 1, great finishing tips in the last booklet issued, I keep reading it over and am putting a lot into practice on a K's 45xx and a soon to be started K's Grange

    Best regards



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