Resin conversion kit lined and named.

Started a few months back, this ARC Models resin conversion kit for the Hornby L&Y 'Pug' 0-4-0ST is now finally complete and ready for service at Maudetown Colliery. I've treated it to a nice coat of carmine red and a set of Jackson Evans Poppy nameplates were found in the bottom of a toolbox. Being as it's almost Remembrance Day, the monicker seemed wholly apt.

I'm very pleased with the paint finish, not least is it was applied by aerosol and hand brush, with the airbrush only employed at the very end for a gentle bit of misted weathering (most of the mucking-up was also done by hand). The Revell carmine red looked a bit bright to begin with but once the lining and darker elements were touched in, followed by a few coats of gloss varnish, the red took on a lovely deep lustre - just the thing for a hardworking industrial engine.

I just need to add a footplate crew, 3-link couplings and some coal and Poppy is finally complete. I've thoroughly enjoyed the building and finishing of this loco and, with another couple of ARC Models kit in stock, I may be starting another one soon!


  1. That's a very fine job indeed, really just the thing. It does capture the Barclay look very well.

  2. George, utterly agree with Iain, a model with 'life'. As a still serving reservist (RNR), your choice of name is most apt

  3. Are you going to tackle the smaller version one day?

  4. Hi Duncan,
    Yes, I have the shorter AB kit - just need to get hold of another Pug chassis - and find a few spare days!


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