Mk1 conversion project adds variety.

I've been putting the finishing touches to more coaching stock projects, in order to stage some photo portraits for my new book. Illustrated here is a conversion of a Bachmann Mk1 suburban into an otherwise unavailable Composite Lavatory (CL) coach. Using etched side overlays, I've also re-modelled the roof, ends and replaced the chunky original chassis with a superior offering. 

There's still a couple of things I need to tweak, but it's about 95% finished. A load of passengers is the most glaring omission, but there's only so many little peeps that I can paint at a time without going mad.

While this project has allowed me to create a more interesting train of non-gangwayed Mk1s, the refined chassis, lovely deep carmine livery (Railmatch enamel) and all-round finesse, makes the bog standard Bachmann models look pretty average, especially as the shade of red differs across nearly every vehicle in my rake! Am I going to have to treat all four other coaches to the same level of finish...? 

The unmodified Bachmann Mk1 sub to the right has been titivated slightly, with the biggest improvement offered by a pack of Laser Glaze, from Shawplan.


  1. IIRC, rarely did a rake of maroons have a consistent shade - mostly disguised by a coat of grime. Even a few weeks of weathering flattened the finish - plain colours always seemed to fare worse than say chocolate/spilt-milk. Of course the exception(s) were when rakes operated as sets went for repaint, e.g. SR electrics. So your Mk1s are spot on!

  2. Lovely in fact has inspired me as I have a bacchy suburban with nothing to do.


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