Scrap wagon loads created from... scrap!

Here's a quick look at a fleet of scrap metal wagons that I've created for the latest issue of Model Rail magazine (MR218 - on sale tomorrow). To keep with the theme of waste material being re-processed, these removable loads have been created from plastic salvaged from left-over kit parts, chopped up, painted and weathered accordingly. They were great fun to create, so much so that I've just bought another handful of Bachmann wagons to extend the rake further. The weathering of the wagons was also very rewarding, using a mix of acrylic paints and dry pigments (no airbrushes involved for a change!).


  1. I got fed up of empty scrap wagons running around my layout and decided to load mine with home made crushed metal bales made from tin foil. I have no idea of the authenticity but they look good to me - see how I did it here -

  2. Wow that is excellent, defo something im going to try.


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