Fun and games at Lisburn Lane.

In a recent-ish issue of Model Rail (MR212), I set about converting my latest mini layout to DCC control, as a way of testing whether I (a) could do it, and (b) liked the new way of control. Well, the answer to a and b were 'yes'. But...

And it's turned out to be a big 'but'. While digital control offers many benefits, one of the joys of running a layout is to simply plonk anything from my collection onto the rails, turn a knob and watch it move. Alas, with only a couple of DCC-fitted locos and an unwillingness to shell out any cash or spend the time converting everything else, means that running this layout has become pretty dull. 

My mind was made up when I dug out this observation saloon (to which I fitted working lights) and a Bachmann Class 25 that I upgraded as part of my Model Rail interview 12 years ago. How nice they look. BUT, they won't work. Well, not properly anyway, until I fit a chip. And I honestly can't be bothered. Looks like Lisburn Lane is about to revert to good old fashioned analogue control. 

Now, where's that soldering iron...?


  1. I and many others are with your logic on the dcc option.


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