Metropolitan Railway carriage kit complete - at last!

Started nearly 12 months ago, I've finally completed this 'OO' model of a Metropolitan Railway brake carriage. Consisting of a number of 3D printed components, it has taken lots of work to get the surfaces to a satisfactory finish - one of the lingering issues with this production process - but the effort has been worth it.

The polished wood finish also took a while to get right, while the lining wasn't exactly a quick job either. Very glad that I opted to only make one of these, rather than a full train! It just needs a compliment of suitably attired passengers to add the final touch.  

Previous Blog posts on this subject - with details of the kit's source - can be found here, here and here... However, for a thorough description and demonstration of the building, painting and lining, look out for my forthcoming book on modelling carriages, published by Crowood Press, later this year. 
Lining-out with a vintage ruling pen - a recent gift from Mrs D. I originally lined the lowermost panels in error - the perils of working from black & white images...

Almost ready for service, awaiting glazing and final assembly.


  1. V e r y nice George! Also the bow pen - I recently inherited a couple whilst clearing out a deceased relative's house. A rare highlight in a depressing job...


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