A quick update on progress on this OO gauge DJH kit of the Highland Railway 'Jones Goods' 4-6-0, to feature in next month's Model Rail. It's taken me virtually all week to wrestle with the chassis and mechanism - it's not what you'd call one of those kits that 'fall together' with ease...

Anyway, this is how it looked at close of play last night, while this morning has seen the cylinders fitted, along with crankpins and rods. I'm just taking a break before fitting the slidebars and piston rods (and taking a deep breath).

After ensuring it all runs ok with a few hours' worth of test running, it'll be dismantled and de-greased ready for painting. If it was me, I'd opt for LMS or early BR plain black. However, as it's not my model, I've got to do the whole lined HR yellow/ochre scheme. Fun, fun, fun.

The motor and gears have enjoyed an hour of running on the rolling road to bed the gears in. These Bacchrus 'saddles' are just right for the workbench.


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