Liquid Ballast

After a punishing eight mile hike through thick snow this morning, my leg muscles are protesting. That's about 50-odd miles over the past 2 weeks, so the Christmas turkey and cakes have been burnt off, I should think...

So, by way of relaxing, I found a spare 30 minutes to work on a number of Parkside 21t mineral wagon kits (to add to the Chivers kits built a few weeks ago). Being the first bit of modelling that I've undertaken over the Festive break, I just had time to add some ballast to a few bodyshells that were already built-up.

I've used a new product that I picked up at Warley from Mr Deluxe Materials himself, John Bristow, and it's a non-toxic substitute for lead shot, or 'Liquid Lead'. This stuff is called LIQUID BALLAST and is virtually identical in weight and performance without the nasty side effects of lead (brain damage, polluted environment) and it's been stuck in place with another new Deluxe product, 'Speed Bond' which is an ultra-rapid setting PVA-type glue.

Great stuff, great results, non-toxic - Perfect! Look for a review in Model Rail in the next few months, although both products should be available from Deluxe stockists soon (such as Gaugemaster or Squires).


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