Monday, 4 January 2010

More Modern(ish) wagon loads

Further to the other previous posting on modern engineers’ wagon loads, here are a number of images of my other attempts at creating realistic loads from scrap materials.

The OTA (Cambrian kit) is loaded with hawthorn twigs to mimic timber, dried on a low heat in the oven for an hour before gluing together with fast-setting PVA. The retaining strips are formed from thin strips of electrician’s insulation tape, fixed with superglue.

The Railfreight liveried OBA (Cambrian) carries a short length of plastic piping (polyplumb) left over from refitting the bathroom! Sprayed with red oxide primer and chocked with stained matchsticks and insulation tape, it looks pretty effective as an industrial load. Another kit-built OBA carries steel wire looms (A1 Models) as well as a pair of short tubes. The latter are steel bushes out of a real diesel locomotive and add some welcome ballast to the wagon.

Finally, the Hornby OAA, simply carries a number of loose pallets and a scrap oil drum, strewn around the floor. This recreates a real scene that I remember seeing in the engineers’ siding at Stafford many moons ago.


  1. The oven dried Hawthorne is most effective - everything has a fabulous patina.