Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Geoscenics Wagon Loads finished

This Flangeway Mermaid wagon has been weathered and filled with a realistic ballast load
As mentioned a few posts ago, I've been trialling a pack of mineral wagon loads from the intriguing Geoscenics range. Founded by professional geologist Mike Mazurkiewicz, all natural materials are employed, using Mike's expertise in all things 'rock'. The range has been expanding over the past couple of years to include ballasts, snow, weathering powders, wagon loads and more.

A load of stone for this PO wagon, working from Sandside quarry in Cumbria

Indeed, one of the best things about this product range is the authenticity of materials: you want limestone loads for Peak District stone trains.?.. you can have crushed limestone from a quarry near Buxton! The range of ballasts are also offered on a regional basis, even down to the distincttive red-tinged stuff found up in Scotland. Great news for my S&C-themed layout is the choice of ballast from Ribblesdale itself - you can't get more accurate than that!

A full demo and appraisal of the Geoscenics wagon load kits is to appear in Model Rail soon but, meanwhile, have a look at these images of a selection of OO gauge wagons filled with various minerals - all included in a single pack, along with mounting card (for load formers) and adhesive. These are great value packages that are also easy and enjoyable to use.

The coal looks ultra-realistic in these BR and LMS mineral wagons (the 16tonner is scratchbuilt)

This looks like high grade steam coal to me!

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  1. I've had a number of locos fitted with DCC sound decoders by Howes Models and they have fitted coal in the tenders which looks very much like this coal. Only trouble is that one piece is the size of a OO gauge fireman.