Is that a ghost cat in the background?

I've been experimenting with my latest toy - a Badger abrasive spray gun. Bought to assist with stripping models prior to repaints, I thought it might speed up the process. Initial trials haven't been as successful as I'd imagined and it took a little time to study the instructions and get the tool set up correctly. As it requires a regular pressure of around 40psi, this is proving a tad too much for my little compressor that is more used to puttering away at around 15psi. Still, with a bit more time, I'm sure I'll get the hang of it.

Incidentally, the Class 37 bodyshell above was stripped with Phoenix Superstrip first and the small remnants of paint and primer were blasted away with the abrasive powder. The image above is a staged photo and, as is often the case, as soon as the spotlights click on in my makeshift studio, little Maude assumes it's portrait time and will go to incredible lengths to get in the shot... I could really bore you with a tale of when Telerail came here to film the final segment of The Scenic Expert DVD, when she threw herself at the door of my workshop for hours trying to get in on the action... but I won't.


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