Today has seen a number of projects started, finished and almost finished. First up has been a Geoscenics wagon load kit that includes all you need to fill a healthy amount of OO gauge mineral wagons. 150g bags of coal, ballast/white stone and brown stone are provided in each pack, along with card formers and ready-diluted PVA adhesive. Look out for a full appraisal and step-by-step demo of how to use this product in Model Rail soon.

Also, I've spent an hour or two rubbing down a Heljan 33 before a final coat of varnish. Micromesh ultra-fine abrasives have proved their worth in this task, imparting the perfect finish to the surface without damaging the fine detail or the underlying decals, although it must be used with water to prevent the abrasive clogging and the model must be washed thoroughly to remove any debris. An overnight rest to dry out is also essential, so the final varnish coats will go on tomorrow.

Right, off to open a bottle of stout as a belated St Patrick's Day gesture and to listen to commentary of Liverpool's make-or-break match against Lille... here's hoping!


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